Is this the real reason men lie to women they love? Is this the real reason men lie to women they love? Discover the truth about men in “The Secret Survey: What men desperately want women to know but are terrified to tell you.”
Strong, beautiful women – women I interact with on my Facebook page all the time – pouring their hearts out, gnashing their teeth and desperately yearning to know…

What does he think about me?

Michael I just can’t tell if he’s even interested in our relationship anymore… Alyssa K.  9:57 AM

Why does he look at other women?

I love my boyfriend so much but I know that he won’t stop watching porn… Sarah R. 9:57 AM

Why do men lie?

Every single guy I meet is a liar! Why is it so hard for them to just tell the… Colleen E. 9:55 AM

Would he cheat on me?

I met John almost five years ago when we were at college. Lately he’s been… Gloria M. 9:55 AM

Is he cheating on me now?

We’ve been fighting a lot, but I thought we worked it out… now he won’t answer… Rebecca K. 9:55 AM

Will he love me forever?

My friends started out like we are – so in love – but years later, they outgrew… Michelle T. 9:54 AM

Why doesn’t he talk to me?

Michael, something is wrong, and my fiance won’t tell me what is going on in… Krista O. 9:54 AM

Why does he get so quiet?

My husband used to be so open with me, we would talk for hours and hours, and now… Tracy D. 9:53 AM

Does he really love me?

I started dating Brian six months ago, but I don’t think he’ over his ex… Wendy T. 9:52 AM

How do I make him love me?

Michael, I’m so so into this guy, but I feel like he only calls me when he wants to hook up… Susan K. 9:51 AM
And hundreds and hundreds more…


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